Hi there, I am a first time mom to my now 3 month old daughter Hope, born March 2012. On this page I will catch everyone up by telling you a little about my journey from pregnancy to birth to a 3month old and the rest of our experiences will be on the main blog.
I won’t go over pregnancy too much. Let’s just say that was the easy part! The first trimester was full of excitement and fear. I didn’t have morning sickness other than just feeling bad all the time. The second trimester was much better and was amazing at the end when I started feeling her move. But then the third trimester came where I started feeling sick again and she was getting bigger where it made it harder for me to get around and she would kick me to death. She decided to do all her growing in the last 2months . My due date was March 17, 2012 but she was 10 days late born on March 27, 2012. I was induced and was in labor for about 12 hours. I had no epidural just local anesthesia. The doctor was on his way to give me a c-section but I almost had her in he floor. I started pushing while walking around in labor. The medicine barely had time to kick in and I had her within 30minutes of pushing. A beautiful 9lb 5oz 22inch long baby girl with a head full of hair and her head looking at me the whole time! I left the hospital two days later and the hard part began.
I’m still exhausted but nobody could prepare me for that first month with a newborn. I had an episomotity(?) and a 2nd degree tear so walking and standing was a feat. She mostly slept the first month which meant me having to wake her up to feed her. I exclusively breastfeed and that is a whole story in itself. When she started to sleep less I fed her on demand and she would eat every 1.5-2 hours, even through the night. She started sleeping longer at night at about 2months. She now sleeps 7 hours between her last feeding and morning feed.
I never had that scared feeling that I was going to break her or that I didn’t know what I was doing.

WARNING~I will be telling all. Talking about breastfeeding,  poopy diapers and well you get my drift. 😉

*under constructi


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