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No Sense Crying Over Spilled Breastmilk?

I’ve never understood that saying, “no sense crying over spilled milk.” Since becoming a mom who exclusively breastfeeds that saying is completey wrong!!! The breast feeding experience has been a long, rough but enjoying journey with my little girl. Hard at first. After a couple of months we finally got the hang of it and … Continue reading

Staying Alive

Are you scared of dying? When I entered my adult years and had a little more wisdom about the world around me I had decided I wasn’t going to be scared of leaving this world. I trust in God and knew that in heaven there would be no more suffering and that I would see … Continue reading

Hello world!

I’m new to blogging, love to write and figured I would give it a shot while working part time, taking writing classes and with a three month in-tow. I want to write about my two passions and hopefully help others. I am a first time mom to my beautiful daughter Hope and am going to … Continue reading