Back on the Caffeine Band Wagon

There are many studies out there on caffeine and pregnancy and they are always changing. I have heard them all. During pregnancy caffeine was a no-no, then it was ok in moderation and then there was no relation. Caffeine is said to be unhealthy in unborn babies and also for nursing mothers passing it through breast milk. New studies are popping up all the time.

During my pregnancy I kicked caffeine to the curb and couldn’t have felt healthier, along with eating a nutritious diet. I was giving my baby and I the best. Discovering caffeine free drinks helped me transition from caffeine to caffeine free to water and juice. Other than my sweet baby beating my ribs I was feeling great.

The baby came and I kept up my healthy eating habits being that I exclusively breastfeed. Being a first time mother to a newborn, being a mother at all, I had become utterly drained of energy. The life of a mother is a demanding one emotional and physically. Eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water doesn’t help much if you are too exhausted to even eat.

I stayed caffeine free post baby for 10 months and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was miserable and felt like I wasn’t fully there taking care of my baby. I had become irritable, drained of all energy, and had the worst headaches consistently. My initial thoughts were if I had one soda and my baby received caffeine through my milk it would make her irritable and fussy – it didn’t! What little traces that transfered to my baby didn’t phase her at the least.

I don’t drink caffeine everyday and I only have one glass when I do, along with my baby in the process of weaning and only nursing a few times a day from me. In some sense you could say that caffeine is a drug and addictive. Only after drinking it a couple days a week on my sluggish of times, I had found my energy without resulting to a real drug. I know of people who can’t live without there three cups of coffee in the morning, or more. I can live without it and I have.

I am in no way saying drinking caffeine is healthy or right for everyone. It works for us. I have enough energy to play with my very energetic baby, work a part time job and think more clearly, with not having headaches anymore. My boss is happy, I’m happy and so is my baby.


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