Lullaby Gloworm

My baby girl loves her Lullaby Gloworm from Playskool Play Favorites. Playskool Lullaby Gloworm
It is a doll that glows and plays 6 lullabies that is for ages birth and up. It has 3 modes; a play mode that plays music and has the light on, a demo mode that stays on just a few seconds and then a light mode that turns the glowing light on without the music. They have them in blue and in pink. My little girl actually has the boy(blue) one but she honestly has too much pink so I thought it was a nice change. Good for babies and children to help ease them into sleep.
Before we get ready for bedtime we play with the lullaby gloworm while the room is dim lit. The face has a warm glow that baby is fixated on and plays lullabies when gently squeezed. My baby hasn’t figured out how to squeeze her doll yet so I keep pressing the chest of the doll to let it play. She gets excited with it at first and then gets sleepy falling asleep with her hand on her doll. I don’t let her sleep with it in her crib just yet, she is 5 months old now. I will let her sleep with it when she is able to squeeze it to get the lullabies to play.


We don’t only use it at bed time. This is also how little girl likes to take her naps, usually on me. I know I spoil her and I love it.

I would definitely recommend this doll to any mom whose kids have troubling going down for a nap or bed. I have also seen they have a seahorse doll that does the same. We may get that one next when she is a little older. It’s always good to have more than one of your child’s favorite toy!
What helps your little one fall asleep?


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