Back on the Caffeine Band Wagon

There are many studies out there on caffeine and pregnancy and they are always changing. I have heard them all. During pregnancy caffeine was a no-no, then it was ok in moderation and then there was no relation. Caffeine is said to be unhealthy in unborn babies and also for nursing mothers passing it through … Continue reading

WordPress Issues??

I could use some help! I am using my Android phone to do all of my blogging and have the WordPress Android app. I can put posts up here because of the app but I can’t get on anyone’s blog not even my own? As soon as I open my blog or someone else’s and … Continue reading

Carry Me Away Giveaway! **ENDED**

Check out this great giveaway from Carry Me Away hosted by Mommy and Me Giveaways. Enter here Giveaway! to read their review on two wonderful baby ring slings and get a chance to win your choice of a Maya or Sakura Bloom ring sling! I purchased a wrap from Carry Me Away and loved their … Continue reading

Originally posted on Field Notes From Fatherhood:
“Nature Deficit Disorder.”  Oh no, no please, not another disorder. We seem to be slapping acronyms and prefixes of dysfunction on our children as quickly as we can think them up. We’ve got AD, ADD, ADHD, ADD-RT, AC/DC; our kids are dyslexic, dysgraphic, dysphasic, dyspeptic, disaffected, disgruntled. I’m…

No Sense Crying Over Spilled Breastmilk?

I’ve never understood that saying, “no sense crying over spilled milk.” Since becoming a mom who exclusively breastfeeds that saying is completey wrong!!! The breast feeding experience has been a long, rough but enjoying journey with my little girl. Hard at first. After a couple of months we finally got the hang of it and … Continue reading

Lullaby Gloworm

My baby girl loves her Lullaby Gloworm from Playskool Play Favorites. Playskool Lullaby Gloworm It is a doll that glows and plays 6 lullabies that is for ages birth and up. It has 3 modes; a play mode that plays music and has the light on, a demo mode that stays on just a few … Continue reading